Empowered Explant

Full Interview with Explant Surgeon, Dr. Dev Vibhakar + My Explantiversary Celebration!

November 14, 2023 Darnah Mercieca Season 2 Episode 44
Empowered Explant
Full Interview with Explant Surgeon, Dr. Dev Vibhakar + My Explantiversary Celebration!
Show Notes

Listen to the full interview with my explant surgeon, Dr. Dev Vinhakar, recorded live on my 2-year explantiversary and the Empowered Explant podcast’s 1st birthday - 11/11!

He answers so many important questions, including:

  • What determines whether someone needs a lift or not?
  • Is fat transfer a safe alternative for more volume?
  • Does a breast lift affect nipple sensitivity?
  • How dangerous is breast implant rupture?
  • Why are drains important?
  • What should patients do to prepare for surgery?
  • What should women do after surgery during recovery?
  • What is fluffing?
  • What is the difference between removing implants over or under the muscle?
  • What happens if some capsule is left behind?

And more!!

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Links and resources:

  1. Connect with Dr. Dev and his team:
    Instagram: @drdevvdo + @peaceloveandplasticsurgery
    Email: beatriz@aquaplasticsurgery.com
    Website: https://aquaplasticsurgery.com/about/meet-dr-vibhakar/

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