Empowered Explant

5 Steps to Self-Forgiveness

October 24, 2023 Darnah Mercieca Season 2 Episode 41
Empowered Explant
5 Steps to Self-Forgiveness
Show Notes

Being faced with removing your breast implants can come with whole lot of anger, resentment, shame, and regret. I believe forgiving yourself is one of the most crucial first steps in emotional healing. In this episode, I fully open up to what this has looked like for me, and the 5 steps I keep coming back to for relief and letting go of resentment towards myself and my choices.

I truly believe this can help you too, breastie.

Here are the prayers from the episode:

“Inner guide, I recognize this resentment is causing me harm. My anger and attachment are not serving me. I'm willing to forgive. Thank you for showing me the way.”

“Thank you, Universe, for helping me to forgive myself.”

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