Empowered Explant

The Top 5 Fears We Face When Explanting - and How to Overcome Them!

September 26, 2023 Darnah Mercieca Season 2 Episode 37
Empowered Explant
The Top 5 Fears We Face When Explanting - and How to Overcome Them!
Show Notes

Feeling fear before and after removing your breast implants is normal, but when that fear gets out of hand, it can become debilitating and detrimental to your health and healing.

In this episode, I share what these fears are and my favorite ways to overcome them.

Here’s the quote from the end of the episode:
“Bless you for your fear for it is a sign of wisdom. Do not hold yourself in fear. Transform the energy to flexibility and you will be free from what you fear." - Yoko Ono

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Disclaimer: This podcast does not constitute medical or mental health advice. Darnah is not a medical practitioner. She shares from personal experience, research, and conversations with other people. If you are experiencing symptoms, pain, post-surgery complications, or mental health concerns, please seek care from your medical provider or surgeon.