Empowered Explant

6 Free Resources for Your Explant Journey, PLUS an Update for My Breasties!

July 05, 2023 Darnah Mercieca Episode 35
Empowered Explant
6 Free Resources for Your Explant Journey, PLUS an Update for My Breasties!
Show Notes

Wish you could find all the answers you need in one place? I did too. Here’s a list of resources that are really helpful whether you are in the early planning stages, you’re about to have your surgery and go through recovery, or you are healing and focusing on your health and confidence after explanting.

Empowered Explant is a podcast, a community, and a resource website where you can find trusted information, product and professional recommendations, health and healing guidance, emotional support, and coaching through your explant journey.

Our mission is to Empower you with everything you need to make the best decisions for yourself as you prepare for surgery, remove your breast implants, and heal from breast implant illness.

UPDATE: The podcast is taking a short break so that I can create more amazing episodes for you! We’ll be back in September with new topics and interviews.

In the meantime, please listen back to episodes you’ve missed and enjoy the resources below!

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Links and resources:

  1. Empowered Explant website Resources page:

  2. Free Must-Have Downloads:
    BII Symptoms Tracker: symptoms.empoweredexplant.com
    Explant Planning Checklist: checklist.empoweredexplant.com
    Healing Smoothies Guide: smoothies.empoweredexplant.com

  3. Trusted Products and Partners:

  4. Join the Empowered Explant Facebook Group:

  5. Quiz: Is it time to consider removing my breast implants?

  6. This podcast!
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