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Your Genetic Roadmap to Healing from Breast Implant Illness, with Kashif Khan

June 27, 2023 Darnah Mercieca
Empowered Explant
Your Genetic Roadmap to Healing from Breast Implant Illness, with Kashif Khan
Show Notes

The answers you're looking for could be a DNA test away! I’m talking genetics with Kashif Khan, the founder of The DNA company, who knows a ton about breast implant illness and shares with us:

  • How your DNA can tell you if you are at higher risk of your body reacting negatively to breast implants.

  • How genetics can help in managing the symptoms of BII.

  • How this information help improve or speed up surgery recovery and detoxification.

  • Other ways genetics can support hormones, skin health, stress and emotional health.

Empowered Explant has partnered with The DNA Company and there are 2 ways you can order tests:

  1. Directly through me at a discounted price, and then work with me through your own healing protocol. There’s the option to add the DNA test when you join my coaching program, which I recommend because it gives you a personalized roadmap.
    For details, email me at darnah@empoweredexplant.com

  2. Through the DNA Company website using promo code EMPOWERED for 10% off your test. 

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