Empowered Explant

The Most Powerful Goodbye Letter You Can Write!

June 20, 2023 Darnah Mercieca Episode 33
Empowered Explant
The Most Powerful Goodbye Letter You Can Write!
Show Notes

Explanting is kinda like a break up, saying goodbye to a  toxic relationship. And with any big hard goodbye, closure is necessary.

It’s my 35th birthday week (woohoo!) and as I spent time reflecting on my journey, it was clear that breaking up with my breast implants was exactly what I needed to become the healthiest I’ve ever been.

In this episode I share with you some birthday girl thoughts, and read to you my goodbye letter to my breast implants, which I wrote the night before my surgery.

This is a practice I totally recommend all breasties do before surgery, or after if you’re already on the lighter side and still have emotional attachments to release.

When you write your letter, drop me an email or DM to let me know how it felt for you! Email directly at darnah@empoweredexplant.com or DM on Instagram @darnahmercieca.

Cheers to healing together, breastie!

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