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Top 11 must-haves for your explant surgery shopping list!

May 09, 2023 Darnah Mercieca Episode 27
Empowered Explant
Top 11 must-haves for your explant surgery shopping list!
Show Notes

Here are my top 11 must-haves on your shopping list for your surgery. I’ve listed them all below, but be sure to listen to the full episode because I talk about why they are on my list, and share lots more insights!

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Get my full printable shopping list linked in my 33 Step Explant Planning Checklist!
Download it here > checklist.empoweredexplant.com

My top 11 must-haves...

  1. Arnica
  2. Tylenol (extra strength and PM)
  3. Senna supplement or tea 
  4. Front close bra
  5. Button down PJ’s
  6. Zip front sweater + a couple of button up shirts
  7. Wedge pillow
  8. Dry shampoo
  9. Back scratcher
  10. Drain holders
  11. Smoothie supplies >> Download my 15 healing smoothie recipes at smoothies.empoweredexplant.com

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