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Watch Your Words! Shifting your self-talk and why it's important.

April 04, 2023 Darnah Mercieca Episode 22
Empowered Explant
Watch Your Words! Shifting your self-talk and why it's important.
Show Notes

What words are you choosing when you talk about yourself, your boobs, and your surgery?

Research has shown that people who down-talk themselves often experience higher levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. But most of the time we don’t even realize how what we’re saying is affecting us.

In this episode I’ll guide you on how to become mindful of your words, determine if the words you’re using are harmful to you, and choose better thoughts and self-talk that leads to better mental and physical health.

Because you deserve it!

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Byron Katie: https://thework.com/

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Disclaimer: This podcast does not constitute medical or mental health advice. Darnah is not a medical practitioner. She shares from personal experience, research, and conversations with other people. If you are experiencing symptoms, pain, post-surgery complications, or mental health concerns, please seek care from your medical provider or surgeon.