Empowered Explant

Detox, Gut Health & Hormones with Lahana Vigliano, Nuvitru Wellness

March 28, 2023 Darnah Mercieca Episode 21
Empowered Explant
Detox, Gut Health & Hormones with Lahana Vigliano, Nuvitru Wellness
Show Notes

Want to know what you need to do so your body can detox effectively after explant surgery? Start here.

I’m joined by Lahana Vigliano, Clinical Nutritionist and Founder of Nuvitru Wellness, who specializes in Helping Women Balance Hormones + Restore Gut Health, which are both hugely affected by the stress and toxicity of breast implants.

We talk about:

  • Why BII symptoms don’t always clear up immediately after explanting.
  • The effects of toxin build up over time.
  • What needs to be addressed to detox effectively.
  • The importance of gut health.
  • The effects on hormones.
  • What lab testing can be helpful.
  • What Lahana recommends all women explanting do.

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