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I explanted and my life crumbled (My Story Part 2)

November 15, 2022 Darnah Mercieca Episode 2
Empowered Explant
I explanted and my life crumbled (My Story Part 2)
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November 15, 2022
Empowered Explant

EPISODE 2:  I explanted and my life crumbled (My Story Part 2)

Recorded on the day of her one year explant anniversary, in this episode Darnah gets super vulnerable and opens up about what happened after her explant surgery. Although in the end she healed well, certainly not everything went as planned!

She talks about:

  • The day of her surgery
  • Seeing her little boobs for the first time
  • What her recovery looked like
  • The crumbling of her relationship
  • And becoming homeless 4 weeks after explant

Links and resources:

My surgeon: Dr. Dev at Aqua Plastic Surgery in Miami, Florida.

Healing Super Smoothies Guide

Elixr IV Therapy

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Disclaimer: This podcast does not constitute medical or mental health advice. Darnah is not a medical practitioner. She shares from personal experience, research, and conversations with other people. If you are experiencing symptoms, pain, post-surgery complications, or mental health concerns, please seek care from your medical provider or surgeon.

Surgery Day
Seeing my boobs for the first time
I became single and homeless
My Christmas miracle
A lesson in asking for help
Happily ever after